17-20 November 2022:

International Student LiedDuo Competition  in Groningen (NL).

The Application Portal has been closed

The deadline for applying to the ISLDC closed last Friday. We are now checking all of them, listening to the recordings submitted, looking at the repertoire lists and timings. 29 September the duos that go to the first round will be announced!

Change in conditions for admission!

In 2022 the competition will be open to duos of which one person is registered as a student, while the other has been registered as such and has received his or her diploma on or after March 17th 2021. Please note that this an exception to our normal regulation. We decided to give more graduated students the possibility to enroll, because of the limited possibilities they had last years, due to COVID and the fact that we postponed this edition for the same reasons.

The flyers have been sent today!

Within the next days your Conservatory, Music Academy, Universität, Conservatoire or Musikhochschule will receive the flyer/poster with a lot of information about the International Student LiedDuo Competition 2022. Also your teachers or head of departments will have the digital flyer, that they can forward to all of you.

Think wisely about your repertoire, the application portal is welcoming you from 17 March, 8 months before the beginning of the competition. For quick deciders, who apply ultimately on 17 June, there will be an ‘early bird”-advantage concerning the compulsory repertoire.

Anne-Maartje Lemereis

June night

A Nocturne

On poetry by Sara Teasdale

The new commissioned song by Anne-Maartje Lemereis will be composed on a beautiful poem by Sara Teasdale, June night. The text is available here.

This text should give you the inspiration, the theme and the background for your choice of repertoire in the semi-finals.

Next session of the ISLDC

We are happy to announce that preparations have started to organise the next session of the International Student LiedDuo Competition
17-20 November 2022.
Again in the wonderful city of Groningen.

Commissioned Song ISLDC 2022

The composer of the commissioned song 


The composer of the commissioned song for the ISLDC 2022 is Anne-Maartje Lemereis.
Any moment she will announce her choice of the text, which will determine the thematic coherence of the repertoire in the semifinals.

We are very curious, and will publish any news as soon as possible! 

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