Principal prizes:

  1. Siwoung Song and Lauriane Follonier
  2. You Jonghoon and Yuichiro Tanaka
  3.  (ex aequo) Megan Kahts and Sally Yen;
    • Sebastian Seitz and Tobias Koltun

The Vereniging Vrienden van het Lied Prijs, an encouragement prize consisting of a number of concerts, to be awarded to a regional duo: Marie Perbost en Joséphine Brault

The Donemus Prijs for the best performance of the commissioned composition I can’t know by Merlijn Twaalfhoven: Sebastian Seitz en Tobias Koltun


Jury: Ad ’s-Gravesande (chair), Roberta Alexander (soprano), Rudolf Jansen (piano)

Annett Andriesen (mezzo-soprano) ,Thomas Steinhöfel (piano)

David Wilson Johnson (baritone), Maurice Lammerts van Bueren (piano)

Marien van Nieukerken (artistiek leider)

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