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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We are both no longer studying, but we graduated less than a year ago. Can we still participate?

No, you cannot. Sorry.

Is there an age limit to participation?

No, there is not. The only demand is that you are enrolled as a student, of which proof is requested.

We are advanced amateurs. Can we participate?

No, sorry. We aim at academy students. 

We are studying privately with some highly renowned teacher. Can we participate?

No, sorry. Even though your situation might be very much like that of ‘official’ students, we have to draw the line at some point. 


We have a song in Spanish/Russian/Norwegian/Swahili. Can we sing it, and drop one of the obliged languages?

Yes, you may sing it, but no, this does not exempt you from the obliged languages English/German/French/Italian.

Can we list two songs from Winterreise and two songs from Die Schöne Müllerin?

Yes you can. The limitation is only that you sing at most two songs from one cycle. Still, it is not advisable to only put Schubert on your list.

We have three songs from Winterreise which we like so much. Can we sing them?

No, please read the requirements carefully once more. 

Do English songs by Haydn count as English or German?

No. An English song by Haydn does not count as English, as Haydn belongs to the German language-culture. In consequence, Haydn’s English songs do also not count as German! Similarly, Beethoven’s ‘An die Ferne Geliebte’ counts as German, but his ‘In questa tomba oscura’ does not count as Italian (nor does it count as German). Please realise that this requirement affects at most as few as four of your songs. You have another eight to cover any language you might like to sing, including e.g. English songs by Haydn. Please note that the ‘English’ section includes the US, Canada, Australia etc., just as the ‘German’ section includes Austria, Switzerland, etc..

Regarding the languages, does Ravel’s Kaddish count as a French song?

No, it does not. Please read again the explanation on ‘language-cultures’ on the Repertoire page.

Application and subscription fee

If we are not admitted to the first round, will the subscription fee be refunded?

Unfortunately not. Please understand that the jury puts considerable work in assessing your recordings.

Is the subscription fee refunded in case we have to cancel our participation?

Unfortunately not. 


Is accomodation provided for by the organization?

No, you will have to take care of this by yourself.