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Semi Finals

Finally we can announce to you the semi-finalists! The semi-finals will take place tomorrow between 10 AM and 4:20 PM, Amsterdam time.

These are the semi-finalists:

Anna Bottlinger & Nao Ueda
Helena Donie & Yeon Seo Ra
Mira Alkhovik & Alla Belova
Kris Ng & Aarón Ormaza
Tomas Kildišius & Gustas Raudonius
Vincent Casagrande & Gulnara Arcaini
Lubov Karetnikova & Daniel Ochoa Gaxiola
Noëlle Drost & Jorian van Nee
Yukari Fukui & Yuan Ma
Laura Hilden & Ruben Høgh
Luzia Ernst & Mikhail Kambarov
Giacomo Schmidt & Jong Sun Woo

At the same time, we want to thank all the duos who could not make it to the semi-finals. It was wonderful to listen to you!